"How To Hit 50% Of Your 2022 Sales Target In The Last 60 Days Of 2022"

Missed the LIVE session? The event recording is now available due to HIGH requests. (ONLY 48 HOURS)
Remember: All strategies shared are tested and proven. These are not just theories.
Remember: All strategies shared are tested and proven. These are not just theories.
NOW: US$75 (More Than 60% OFF)
Note: We have never open the Final Sprint recording for past years but due to this year's high request, we will be doing a ONE TIME OFFER for advisors who really want to watch the session. (Offer only lasts for 48 HOURS)

Final Sprint 2022 [RECORDING]: 
The recording will be available only for the 7 days.

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Introducing Final Sprint 2022 - An Exclusive Masterclass To Help You Hit 50% Of Your Target In Q4 This Year

From: Dr Sanjay Tolani

Your Personal Insurance Mentor
20 X MDRT, 2 X COT, 16 X TOT
Dear Future Financial Planner, 

Did you know more than 70% of advisors do not have a winning strategy to sprint for sales in Q4 of the year? Over the last 2 years, our strategies and our meetings with prospects have changed significantly, and now that things are going back to normal we have to find a new strategy to fit in. 

If you are finding trouble fitting into 2022, Don't worry... At Final Sprint 2022 I will show you exactly what you needed to do, STEP BY STEP, in the final 60 days of 2022, to help you achieve your sales targets.

Earlier this year, I conducted a live class for advisors to showcase how 2022 will be shaping out for us advisors and some of the key insurance sales trends to keep a lookout for at the current economy trends.

More than 10,000 advisors invested time to come down for this class and to test out the strategies I’ve shared. I’m glad to hear that many of you are seeing results in 2022, despite it being one of the toughest years I’ve experienced in my 21 years of insurance history.

Now, many advisors have asked me if I could share what are my plans and course of action for Quarter 4 this year because unlike past years, they are feeling lost especially post- pandemic has resulted in rising of interest rates while some countries are facing economical changes. 

For markets that are reopening, clients are not making insurance their priority whereas for markets that are still in lockdown, you often hear clients telling you that they simply cannot afford insurance... 

Side note: If 2022 hasn’t treated you kindly, it’s not the end! Keep your chin up, stay laser focused and keep improving. We still have so much time left this year to reach our goals! 

I understand that 2022 has been a little confusing and many of us are actually way off our current sales target. What makes this year even worse is that Q4 strategies that seemed to work so well last year won't be effective this year. 

That is why I’ve decided to organize Final Sprint 2022 on the 27th October to show you the exact steps on how you can hit 50% of your target in Q4, leverage upon the relationships you have been working on over the last 2 years and jump onto the current trends that will increase your chances of achieving more results. 

Final Sprint 2022 is an online seminar that will focus on workable strategies where I want to be able to share with you the latest insurance ideas that you can implement immediately to see transformative results, especially as we enter the last quarter of the year. 

If this sounds interesting to you, I would like to invite you to join me and many of my mentees at Final Sprint 2022. 

*Note: All Information shared is for financial advisors ONLY. If you're not an advisor, please do not join this session.*

The purpose of this session is to show you what top advisors in our industry are doing in 2022 Quarter 4 and hopefully you will be able to pick up a good sales idea, implement it and see results. 
    Who Should Advisors Join Final Sprint 2022?


    Like you, I sell insurance and over the past 3 years I've been making a lot of changes to my strategies to fit each situation. 

    Going into Q4, I will be doubling down what has worked for me in the past few months and execute aggressively for the last 60 days of 2022. 

    That is what I will be sharing at Final Sprint 2022, the strategies that are giving me exponential results this year. I'll even tell you my last 60 days plan which I'm confident will work extremely well.

    This is the only session where you get to listen to "2022" specific strategies which many advisors have been requesting me to share. What you'll be happy to know is that these strategies have not only worked for me, but many of my students as well.

    If you think you fall in the below categories , I strongly suggest you invest time coming for this session.

    ❤ Advisors who has been in the industry for quite some time and are stagnant in their income especially in Q4 - I will show you what some of the top producers are doing differently & how you can copy and paste their strategies.

    ❤ Advisors who are demotivated because of lack of right training and network - There are many sales training teaching you how to sell more insurance in year end, but most of them are teaching pre-pandemic selling strategies. If you want to know what's the latest way of selling, then join us for this session. 

    New ​Advisors who are feeling demotivated because of rejections - I'll show you how to turn every objection into production. In fact, I will be showing you how I handle Quarter 4 objections and if we have time, I will answer any burning questions advisors have. 

    ❤ ​Advisors who are not on track to their year end target - I'll highlight what you exactly need to do to make sure you hit your year end target. Quarter 4 is where most miracles begin, I've seen many mentees of mine hitting 50% of their production in the last 2 months because year end is one of the best time to offer coverage only if you know the right angle of approach. 

    Remember, we don't have all the time in Quarter 4 to try new strategies, that's why in this session we will go straight to the point to save everyone's time. 

    Who Are The Speakers For Final Sprint 2022?
    "Exclusive" Interviews With Top Advisors 
    Listen to their sales strategies that contributed to their exponential growth in 2022. 

    In the last 4 years, we've been organizing Final Sprint for Sanjay Mentoring Family members, but this year has proved to be rather challenging for many.

    While I might have some great Quarter 4 sales ideas for you, I recognize that there is more than 1 way to success and to improve that probability to success for you, I've decided to invite some top advisors from my Big Case Closer family to share with you their Q4 secrets during this pandemic and period of uncertainty.

    Seeing is believing. I want you to listen to the final sprint strategies of these top advisors from our mentoring family and at the end of the session not only will you walk away with a list of sales ideas to execute immediately, you walk away with greater clarity about this career.

    Does this sounds good to you?

    In fact these advisors who you will be listening to during final sprint seldom do sharing because like you, they are true practitioners and focus their time on selling insurance on a day to day basis. 

    Now, here’s the invitation to see behind the scene of how some of
    my mentees who have Achieved Their MDRT in 1 case run their Q4.

    You’ll get to listen to them on how they are generating prospects and closing them in the last 60 days of 2022.

    Imagine you being able to pick one good idea from there and execute it to your advantage to scale your business, would you like that? If yes, click on the button below to find out how you can join us!

    Advisors who achieved their MDRT in one case 

    Benedict Lim
    2 X MDRT, 1 X COT

    Benedict never gives up learning. His knowledge and perseverance attracts clients as he knows how to hold his conversations and keeps them asking for more. He has achieved his MDRT in 1 case consecutively for the past 3 years. You definitely don’t want to miss hearing his success story!

    S Indresh Kumar 
    7 X MDRT, 1 X COT

    From struggling to finish MDRT by 31st December every year, Indresh has been successfully finishing MDRT in the 1st month of the year since the past 2 years and has won the 1 case 1 MDRT consecutively since the past 2 years as well. If you resonate with his story, you must attend the Final Sprint this year to gain from Indresh’s experience and strategies.

    Kaka Lam
    5 X MDRT, 1 X COT, 2 X TOT

    Being a mother of two, Kaka helps her clients realize the importance of Insurance. Come discover Kaka’s journey of how she has achieved her 1 MDRT in 1 case since the last two years consecutively while giving her best advice to the people she cares about most.

    Advisors who have done exponentially well in 2022

    Prasoon Srivastva
    17 Year Top Advisor

    Prasoon is a dynamic advisor who never stops learning. He is a qualified Chartered Life Underwriter, a Certified Health Insurance Specialist and an Estate Planner who has been in the industry for almost two decades. Prasoon continues to provide his clients with remarkable advice. Learn his unique approach to business and how he creates his competitive edge and differentiates himself over other advisors in the industry.

    Marlon De Leon
    9 X MDRT

    A passionate Power Lifter, with World Renowned, StrengthStudioTT and equally passionate about the insurance industry, Marlon is an absolute rockstar of our industry and has achieved several accolades over the years. His enthusiasm and determination are contagious. Listen to him to gain a ton of insight on how he continues to build himself in this industry, over the years.

    Synthia Hui
    13 x MDRT, 2 x COT

    An accomplished advisor in the industry who has achieved 2 MDRT with 1 case earlier this year and another MDRT with 1 case recently. A consistent achiever over the years, Synthia is an absolute inspiration to her peers and has a zest for life like no other. Hear her take on what works best for her clients and the reason for her continued success.

    Anubha Dadhich
    1 X COT, 1 X TOT

    A newcomer, and an absolute hard worker. Anubha knows there are no shortcuts in life and strives to do her best every single day with every client she meets. A humble student who knows how to strike the rod while it’s hot. Her success is an encouragement to everyone who thinks they cannot make it big.
    What Will You Learn In Final Sprint 2022?
    Let Me Show You What You'll Be Learning During  "Final Sprint 2022 Live!"

    Last year we had around 2,000 advisors joining our yearly Final Sprint session (the reason we didn't have more is because I've limited the number of seats) and they LOVED it! 

    They love the strategies shared, the clarity they get and most importantly the results they harness after attending this session. In fact, my inbox was flooded with advisors telling me that it was the best session they had ever attended. 

    If you're wondering what to expect this year, the following graphics will summarize what we will be sharing.

    Here’s what you can expect:

    In the Final Sprint 2022, we will ride on the current market trend and open up more cases for Quarter 4. Quarter 4 is all about activity.

    We will dive straight into workable strategies for financial advisors. I will be sharing with you the Updated 2022 Quarter 4 sales secret used by advisors. We will learn about the Final Sprint sales cycle that will be useful during your quarter 4.

    I will also cover 9 Final Sprint Shortcuts that has been tested and proven where you can copy and paste and see results. I’ll then further break them down country wise and how effective they are based on location, so that no matter where you come from; be it new or experienced advisors, there will definitely be a workable strategy for you.

    I also want to take this opportunity to talk about the 2022 Policy Review ideas will be helpful during Q4 and with these ideas it should at least increase your sales by 10%!

    If you know me well, you will know that I stick to the mantra of seeing is believing. I want you to listen to the strategies of the top 1% of advisors, who I have invited from my Mentoring Family. These are advisors who have done extremely well to date and they will be sharing with you what’s working for them.

    They will be sharing with you their in-depth Quarter 4 Strategies, as well as some of the prospecting ideas they have tweaked to make it work exceptionally well for 2022.

    Expect to hear creative and interesting strategies from different countries and different target markets. I’m confident you will find a strategy that suits you.

    We will then focus our time talking about the top 5 recent common objections (not what’s written in this book) for Quarter 4 this year. I’ll give you the exact script I use to handle them and show you how you can shift these objections into sales in a non-pushy manner.

    Finally, we will end off our Final Sprint 2022 session with a 60 day action plan. I will hold you by the hand and show you exactly what to do step-by-step in the last 2 months of 2022 to see results.

    Details Of Final Sprint 2022
    How to access the video recording?

    Final Sprint 2022 [RECORDING]:
    The recording will be available only for the 7 days.

    Note: We have never open the Final Sprint recording for past years but due to this year's high request, we will be doing a ONE TIME OFFER for advisors who really want to watch the session. (Offer only lasts for 48 HOURS)

    Note: We have never open the Final Sprint recording for past years but due to this year's high request, we will be doing a ONE TIME OFFER for advisors who really want to watch the session. (Offer only lasts for 48 HOURS)


    STEP 1:

    Register For The 

    Click on the button to register on the next page. You may choose your ticket option and proceed with the payment.

    STEP 2:

    Receive Confirmation Email

    Once you have purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with details on how to join the session. 

    STEP 3:

    Attend The Session On Time

    We will be sending you the access to watch the full session video recording.

    What Will You Receive When You Sign Up?

    Here's a quick overview of what you will receive when you sign up today!

    Immediately after you sign up, I will be sending you over 2 hours of pre-recorded videos that cover The Following Learning Points Which I Want You To Watch Before Our Live Session: 

    • Q4 Sales Foundation - You'll learn Q4 sales cycle, this includes presentations, objections, closing and upselling strategies you specifically use for the last quarter.
    • Tested & Proven Q4 Shortcuts  - These are shortcuts you can copy & paste to see immediate results.
    • Policy Review Strategies - To help you get more sales from your existing clients.
    • Insurance Numbers & Formula - I will show you how to calculate your own closing ratio and identify which area to work on in Quarter 4. 
    • ​Urgency Closing For Q4 - We will run through some of the common ways to do closing for Quarter 4 and on our live session, I will show you some new methods I've been using in the 2nd Half of 2022. 

    Next, I will send you the Big Case Closer Mindset Ebook which covers the following: 

    • 4 Benefits of Big Case Closing - Find out why top advisors in the industry are trying to master these 1% skills & how you can master them too!
    • 3 Case Studies & Strategies Of Top Advisors - Listen to their sales strategies, prospecting methods and how they go about closing more cases.
    • 6 Big Case Closer Mindset "Action" Shifts - Learn the “ACTIONS” steps you need to train your subconscious mind for growth. (These are secrets that I'm revealing for the first time...) 

    Lastly, You Will Get VIDEO RECORDING to Final Sprint 2022 Where Myself & Top Advisors I've Invited Will Be Sharing The Following: 

    • Top 12 X 2022 Quarter 4 Strategies - I’ll further break them down country wise; new advisors and experienced advisors so no matter where you come from, there will be at least 1 workable strategy for you.
    • Top 5 Recent Objections For Quarter 4 This Year - I’ll give you the latest exact script to answer client's new objections, showing you how I’ll handle them and show you how you can shift these objections into sales in a non-pushy manner.
    • Top 5 Quarter 4 Mistakes - I also want to take this opportunity to talk about mistakes advisors will make during Q4 and just by avoiding them, it should at least increase your sales by 10%.


    Get Started Learning As Soon As You Sign Up For Final Sprint 2022!
    In this 2 hour course, you will learn:
      • My new realizations as a financial advisor in 2022 and how I’m doing my sales right now.
      • How should financial advisors position themselves during this period of time especially with new covid restrictions coming in.
      • Some of the most common 2022 daily objections and how you can handle them in a systematic process.
      Listen To Others Who Have BENEFITED!
      I'm going to let other advisors prove to you why you should attend the Final Sprint 2022 Live!
      "I managed to relook at my clientele and closed 18 More New Cases After Final Sprint 2021 Last year" 
      I've attended Final Sprint 2021 and it is one of the best sessions I've attended. I really like how Dr. Sanjay helped us focus on our priority and show us what are some of the "Q4" methods to get our clients interested in insurance. I also learn so much from speakers who are also top advisors in the industry. Truly appreciate the session. 
      Mandy, Financial Planner
      "I made every of my team member attend this session and I'm impressed with what I see."
      Last year I purchased tickets for my members (especially those new to the industry). What I found out is that after the session they understood more about our industry and I'm happy to say that I've seen great Q4 results from them after they applied what Dr. Sanjay taught. Thank you! I'll definitely attend again this year. 
      Ethan, Financial Planner
      "I've attended Final Sprint from 2018 to 2020 and my sales has 2x since 2018 "
      I've attended Dr. Sanjay's Q4 session every year because he always reminds me and give me new sales ideas to execute. I'm happy to be hearing from him on what's working and usually he give us great and concrete ideas. Not just theories. In fact, I've been consistently doing better in Q4 after I have listened to him and applied his teachings.
      Sarah, Financial Planner
      "See it to believe it... there is a reason why many top advisors are attending Dr. Sanjay's meet-up"
      I know that many top advisors in our industry are learning from Dr. Sanjay himself and being curious, I decided to sign up for his session. I realized he is not only humble and down to earth, but he's also sharing his secrets because he wants everyone to grow. In the session, he shared practical strategies that I have tested and seen results. 

      I can feel his generosity in sharing and really appreciate his effort. 

      I've been in the financial planning industry long enough to tell you not everyone is okay with sharing their secrets and Dr. Sanjay actually shares everything he knows and practices. I'm definitely attending this year-end session because I know what he shares can definitely help me improve my income and give me more clarity for the last quarter.
      Peter, Financial Planner

      "How Donovan Achieved His 1st MDRT In 2020 Using Concepts"

      "How Kaka Implemented New Strategies In 2020 and saw massive results"

      "How Diana From Singapore Achieved Her MDRT In Just 1 Case"

      "How Benedict Achieved His MDRT In Just 1 Case"

      Why Is This Event So Affordable? ... What's Wrong?

      You might be wondering … wow that’s so much value but the ticket price is so affordable... why?

      Well, we actually thought of following last year's price range of 97USD to 197USD (after we gave huge early bird discount) but after much consideration, we wanted to make this a no “brainer” offer to come.

      The only request I have from you is..."If you learn something from Final Sprint 2022, you benefitted from it, please teach it to another advisor in the future. Only by sharing, can our industry get better and we get all the respect we truly desire for our profession." 

      In case you’re wondering why I’ve decided to offer this…There are a few reasons why I'm doing this...

      #Reason 1: I believe in giving back - After years of trying to figure out what works and what doesn't in the insurance industry, this would be my BEST way of giving back to the family.

      #Reason 2: I want to help more advisors who are struggling and lost - I realized the #1 PROBLEM  most advisors face during Quarter 4 is they don't know what's working RIGHT NOW. I'll be sharing many tested and proven methods I've used before and in Quarter 4 I will share with you what many of the top advisors are doing right now to see results in 2022.

      #Reason 3: I hope our industry gets better - If you have read my books or attended my events, you know I’m not a big fan of sharing “fluffy” strategies. This is why at Final Sprint we will go straight into actionable steps that can affect your sales. I'll also showcase some “CASE STUDIES” to help you gain deeper clarity. 

      Together, lets make financial planning happier for everyone!

      Don't Sign Up If You're NOT Going To Watch The Session!

      Here's the “catch”...

      This session is useless for you if you take no action. So please don’t register if you're here to listen for fun. Leave the slot for the next advisor because we're limiting the seats. 

      "I'm not a training company. "

      This session is organized with the sole intention of helping advisors who truly care about their career and want to do well in Q4. 

      So if you're willing to take action to hit your sales target this year, here are 3 MORE reasons why you should come for Final Sprint 2022:

      Reason #1: Our past Final Sprint has always been focusing on "me sharing my Q4 strategies".

      But this year, our focus is on showcasing what ordinary advisors are doing to get extraordinary results. And if they can do it, I'm pretty sure you can do it as well. You'll listen live to what top advisors are doing THIS YEAR not last year. 

      Reason #2:  First time we're offering such a huge discount. For the past 3 years, we've been selling tickets on an average of 97 US Dollar to 199 US Dollar.

      This year because of the pandemic and lockdown, we wanted to do something very different, we wanted advisors who really want to attend to come instead of worrying about the high ticket price. So we're giving a huge discount to early buyers. 

      Reason #3: This year's Final Sprint will be held in the at the end of October, so you have exactly 2 months to change your 2022 results.

      I've seen many advisors do miracles and if you believe you can leverage on the family experiences, we will be happy to have you here! 

      So please ONLY GRAB THIS Ticket if you are going to watch and attend it or else give the chance to the next advisor, ok? 

      Who is Dr. Sanjay Tolani?
      Dr. Sanjay Tolani, an 19-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table & 15 Top of the Table honors.

      In 2019, Dr. Sanjay has successfully crossed 100 MDRT and  >200 MDRT in 2020 alone. 

      He became the youngest member in 2003 at the age of 19 and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28. He also became the Youngest Managing Director of an Insurance Brokerage in the Middle East.
      Will Dr. Sanjay's sharing be relevant to us?
      Absolutely! This is because even though Dr. Sanjay is based in Dubai, his clients come from 53 countries including many parts of Asia. He is intimately familiar with taxation rules, industry regulations and even behaviors of the locals worldwide.
      Why is Dr. Sanjay so generous in sharing his trade secrets? Is there a catch?
      For starters, Dr. Sanjay is a solo practitioner. He doesn't manage an agency and has no intention to build one. That's not his focus.

      His intent is to pay it forward and raise the standards of the financial service industry. This way, everyone wins! You'll like to also know that this is not for profit. 

      All the fees collected are used to cover the production cost of the session. 
      Do I have to download any application for the online coaching?
      You won't need to download any application, we will send you the link to join the session. 
      How effective are these strategies shared?
      The strategies share are tested and proven by many members of the mentoring family especially the Big Case Closer members. Lets be honest, there are many new methods you can implement in your business. Dr. Sanjay will be running through all of them with you during the online session. 

      During the online coaching, you will also have notes to refer too so all the framework he will be sharing in the session you will be able to find it in the PDF notes given before the session. 
      I realized people are charging thousands of dollars for a session like this, why is the price significantly lower here?
      The prices are made affordable because the goal of the mentoring family is to make sure financial planning is made easier for everyone. We wanted to make sure every advisor has that equal opportunity to learn the strategies to hit their target because after all hitting your target means getting more income for yourself and your family.

      We also deliberately lowered the price for because this is our way of giving back to the family. However, we are not making it free because we only want motivated and serious advisors to attend this session.

      Think about it , the moment you close one decent case using the strategies shared, wouldn’t the price be worth the investment?
      How is Final Sprint 2022 different from other sessions?
      Final Sprint 2022 is designed with only one purpose, to help you hit your 2022 target and earn the commissions needed to survive and do well in this industry. You will learn only practical strategies that you can apply immediately in the next 3 months. Also, you save time and money by listening to these strategies as you have them ready to implement right away. 
      Will I Still Get To Listen To Dr. Sanjay Tolani After Final Sprint 2022?
      Not sure. Dr. Sanjay set up Sanjay Mentoring Family to help advisors who are lost in this career. His mission is to make financial planning happier and easier for everyone has been achieved after 4 years of hard work. 

      From 2023 onwards, Dr. Sanjay will be focusing more of this time on this own sales and the big case closer family. He is not a trainer and doesn't want to be one. He has produced enough material to help new advisors get started.

      He might be organizing more meet ups if he has the time, but for now he has no intention. 

      This is also why Final Sprint 2022 is expected to be the largest session for the family by far. 
      What are the details of this Online Coaching?
      In this coaching, you will learn the latest insurance strategies from top agent Dr. Sanjay himself. He will be sharing with you what he has been working on for the past two months to achieve his targets even in tough situations like these. 

      While Dr. Sanjay frequently gives talks, this is the only time he is willing to share his last sprint strategies for the mentoring family. So if you MISS IT, there is no replay for it. 

      Unlike a typical seminar, this online coaching requires participants to practice their skills on the spot so Dr. Sanjay can correct them. So get ready to participate actively, because practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? 
      How will I receive the bonus recording & E-Book?
      We will send it to you via email. 
      How often will this online coaching take place?
      This is a one-time session. This might be one of the last few times you get to hear from Dr. Sanjay personally because starting from 2022, Dr. Sanjay will be back to focusing on his insurance business. 

      So please attend if you are serious about learning.

      In the future, the coaching might be carried out by an appointed mentee rather than Dr. Sanjay himself. So grab this chance to interact with him in the session while you can! 

      To make the learning environment more inclusive, we are limiting the number of seats to the coaching. 
      Why is the ticket so affordable? Will you upsell me in this seminar?
      This is an online coaching session, not a preview where we up-sell you expensive courses after the session. 

      The price is purposely made affordable so that more family members can benefit from this session. 
      Can you reserve the seats for me first? I am waiting for my Friend to buy together.
      Ticket access are very limited due to the limit of the platform we are using. The seats are on a first come, first serve basis. This is to ensure fairness to the family. Also since this is our last session, the demand will be very high.
      Should a new advisor attend this session? Will the content covered be too advanced? 
      Every advisor should attend Final Sprint 2022 to help them hit their target. This is our yearly largest session where we focus on income & commissions. 

      ✅For those who are new to financial planning, I'll share with you strategies to close more clients in the last quarter of 2022. I've come up with "easy to apply" closing strategies that you can immediately use. 

      ✅For more experienced advisors, I want to show you how you can close a larger case just by working with your existing clients. I also want you to listen to tested and proven strategies what other advisors have been using and apply them to see immediate results.
      Can I buy the recording?
      This live session will not be recorded. This is because we wanted to keep the strategies exclusive for advisors who make the effort to attend the session.

      However, the recording will be made available 24 hours after the session so that if you're in a different time zone you can watch it too.
      I'm from the Big Case Closer family, can I attend this session for free?
      Yes! All members from bigcasecloser.com will be able to attend this session for free because you are part of Dr. Sanjay exclusive mentorship program. The Big Case Closer relationship manager will be informing you about how to join the session. 
      I'm from India and I want to attend the session but I don't have a credit card/debit card. What can I do?
      Call our India session organizer at +91 99300 60314. They will help you. 
      I have other questions.
      For any inquiries, please write to me@sanjaytolani.com or WhatsApp  (+91) 99300 60314 and we will help you out. 

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