Dr. Sanjay Tolani, became the “youngest member” at the age of 19 and the “youngest life member” at the Age of 28 to the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). He also has 12 Top of the Table Qualifications (TOT), which is considered the pinnacle of the financial services profession. To top things off, he is also the youngest Managing Director of an insurance brokerage in the Middle East. 

Dr. Sanjay has been recognized as a world renowned speaker who has spoken in 6 continents across many Universities and Global Conferences on Economics, Investments, Insurance, Risk Management & Sales Management. He has also been profiled on many media networks across UAE, North America, Europe, India and South East Asia.            

He has work on some of the biggest case in the financial planning world and with his unique experiences, he will be able to help you structure a comprehensive financial portfolio for you, your family and your businesses. 
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World Class Financial Planning Services
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How Can Dr Sanjay Assist you?
Life Insurance & Income Protection
Focus On Your Work Without Worrying About Your Families
Life insurance provides cash to your family and dependents after your death. This cash (known as the death benefit) replaces your income and can help your family meet many important financial needs like daily living expenses, mortgage payments and educational expenses. There is no income tax on life insurance or critical illness benefits. 

Let Dr Sanjay show you the best type of protection to get for yourself and your family so you can focus on your work and let insurance take care of the rest!
Wealth Mangement
Grow Your Wealth Effectively
Wealth Management is the process of maintaining and protecting a persons financial assets. Essentially, there are six types of assets: 
1. Cash
2. Bonds
3. Equity
4. Property
5. Commodities
6. Collectibles/antiques

Using data driven technology, Dr Sanjay and his team can help you determine the best mixture of financial portfolio which has been proven to be effective across 3 generations. 
Corporate Insurance
Improve Your Company Financial Security & Protect Your Employees
Dr Sanjay Can Help You With The Following: 
Corporate Insurance
Fire & Burglary
Project Insurance
Marine Insurance
Professional Indemnity
Car Insurance
Group Life & Medical Insurance
Key Man Insurance
Income & Credit Insurance
Workmen’s Compensation
Gratuity Planning
Employee Benefits
Estate Planning
Estate Planning
Distribute Your Wealth & Leave A Legacy
A sound estate plan is not only a ‘will’ – it encompasses financial, tax, medical and business planning. It incorporates real estate, insurance, investments, bank accounts, stocks or bonds, gold, jewellery, or any other asset that is of high value and quantifiable. 

One of the most important part of estate planning is “Hedging” the Estate. Most portfolio’s are hedged using “options” or “derivatives” , to hedge an estate plan, the family needs to secure the Human Capital which can be difficult to quantify.

Dr Sanjay and his team will spend time understanding your needs and desire. They will craft the best plan for you, so your next generation can leverage on your wisdom to grow further!

Wills & Trust Services 
Have A Structured Way To Pass Things On
When a person dies without a Will, or dies “intestate”, as the law calls it, the property of the deceased is distributed according to a formula fixed by law. In other words, if you do not make a Will, you do not have of any say as to how your property will be distributed.

An ” Estate” applies not just to real estate, but any cash in a bank accounts, cars, furniture, books , bonds, jewelry, family heirlooms, works of art…any property anything at all owned by you.

A will should be made while the maker is in good health, free from emotional stress. A prudent person does not wait for a catastrophe or other compelling reason before making a decision. If you have children and you and your spouse dies, do you want to name the guardian of your children, or do you want the court to appoint one? If you do not have a Will, the court, by law, will appoint the guardian.
Educational Talks 
Educate Your Employees About Financial Planning
Dr. Sanjay has been recognized as a world renowned speaker who has spoken in 6 continents across many Universities and Global Conferences on Economics, Investments, Insurance, Risk Management & Sales Management. He has also been profiled on many media networks across UAE, North America, Europe, India and South East Asia.            

He is one of the MOST POPULAR speakers when it comes to financial planning education. With over 1 million views on his youtube channel on financial planning, Dr Sanjay constantly seeks new opportunities to educate the general public on the importance of proper financial planning. 

It is his hope that financial planning can simple understand for everyone!
Here Are Some Of The Companies Are Managed By Dr Sanjay Tolani
Goodwill Advisory Services 
Servicing clients in 53 countries. Goodwill Advisory Services is a based in Singapore and has an offshore center to protect the confidentiality of our Clients.
Goodwill Insurance (UAE)
Goodwill insurance provides protections for families and companies. 
Goodwill Insurance Brokers (UAE)
Established in 1999, Goodwill Insurance Brokers LLC (GIB) is a composite insurance brokers and financial planning company. 
Insureme.ae offer you a transparent one-stop shop for comparing and purchasing various insurance products online. 
More About Dr Sanjay Tolani
Dr Sanjay Has Also Been Feature in Countless of Press and News
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